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8 July 2009 Update


Here are a couple of screen savers I knocked up during my undergraduate days. To install them  you need to run the file as administrator.


The first one is the Open University logo as seen on the BBC, the second is the Open University clock,




9 May 2009 Update


A few colour changes, after experimenting with a vertical menu bar I reverted to a side bar although I’ve changed the style of buttons. They’re now much easier to modify and as they’re horizontal there’s no space problem. I’m currently considering what to do with the space in the bottom left. I’ll also remove/replace this ‘ticker’ once I’m happy with the site. Feedback welcome.




7 May 2009 Update


XE.com currency converter added to links - I’ve set it to the currencies of personal interest however I can add a few if anyone requests, a few changes to title contrast on home page and slight change to colour scheme.




5 May 2009 Update


All sections are now working. Screen area enlarged and a few miscellaneous tweaks.



4 May 2009


Hi and welcome to my homepage.


On here I’ll add links to each of my online projects so you can find out more about me and to connect my Web 2.0 identity using Web 1.0 technology. I’ve decided not to include an ‘about me’ section on the grounds that it’s covered by other areas depending on personal, academic or work focus.


Firstly you can find a gallery of photographs from my travels around South and South East Asia from my Flickr account. This hasn’t been updated for a while due to my camera being broken due to heat exposure on a beach near Jayapura, Papua but I will send it to be repaired soon.


Secondly you will find a link to my blog. This forms part of my personal identity and from there you can see snippets of what I’m thinking about at any given time. Updates are a little bit irregular and tend to depend on how much time I’ve got.


Next you will find a link to a selection of my papers. As I imagine prospective employers will read this site then this area is of course an area I would like to signpost. The versions included here are often modified from the versions submitted. If you do cite from any of my papers then please let me know.


Again for the employers I will shortly post a link to my reduced resume. The information on here does not include company details for personal privacy reasons and I would invite anyone who wishes to see an up-to-date and complete resume to contact me first.


Finally I am currently developing a set of links to sites that are of interest to me including friends blogs, personal interest sites, sites where I have helped with the design and sites I have used to help with my own design.


Feedback is always welcome. For this I will soon add a contact me section and a guest book.


Best wishes. Marcus